Ecojfood is a customized, research and development-based business!

Customized product

We prioritize customer’s needs in product development, We deliver special, personalized products to each customer

  • Rich mango: Mini buko pie + 5 other products
  • Olle office: Ganse(Olle's unique symbol) Cookies
  • Joanne Bear Museum: Teddy bear Cookies of 3 kinds
  • Camellia Hill: Dongba다 Cookies + 5 other products
  • Alaska in Jeju: Dacquoise of 3kinds
  • Planet Jeju: Jeju keyword sand Cookies of kinds
  • Spirited Garden : Garden de flers of 5 kinds
  • Café Innisfree : Hallasan Cake + 6 other products
  • Café de Seoyeon: Nap Muffin(Jeju tangerine Muffin)
  • Pulmuone ECMD: development and sales of six customized Jeju
  • Café bomnal : Hallabong Muffin of 3 kinds

Customized product sample

  • Four cafes image
    Four cafes that are Pulmuone ECMD-operated
    in the Duty Free Zone at the Gimpo Airport
    Domestic Terminal
    development and sales of six customized Jeju
    specialty bakeries
  • Muffin image
    Café de Seoyeun
    Napdeuki Muffin
    Currently on sale
  • Hallasan Cake image
    Hallasan Cake sold currently at Innisfree Jeju House. Set to be sold at Seoul and China branches
  • Muffin image
    Café Bomnal
    Development of Hallabong Muffin and 4 more types Currently on sale
  • symbol cookie image
    Jeju Olle Corporation
    symbol cookie development project, Ganse cookie Currently on sale at Ganse Lounge and online at Jeju Olle
  • Jeju stone bread, Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone Pastry images
    Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Jeju
    Field Wall Group
    Jeju stone bread, character field fall cookieSeongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone Pastry