Special Jeju Cookies
Special Jeju Cookies
Jeju Special Cookie - The cookies are made according to a global standard recipe. Since the cookies go well with all types of coffee drinks, they have been supplied to popular Korean family restaurants and coffee brands. The cookies have also received a global recognition, and have been supplied to China along with Korea coffee brands penetrating into the Chinese market. Woodo Peanut Cookies, Jeju Green Tea Cookies, Jeju Gamgeul Cookies have gooey and chewy textures, and are not hard.
Throughout the world, specialized local foods are being actively launched, and forming the mainstream.
The specialized local foods and products not only promote the local ingredients, but also build trusts within consumers. Such brands are rapidly growing to become valuable brands with the overall consumer market entering into the stage of maturation.
Take our neighboring country, Japan. Due to the frequent natural disasters and the nuclear power plant related catastrophes, consumers are looking for safer and fresher ingredients. Accordingly, consumers place higher values on specialized local products than products of giant conglomerates with the power of capital.
Thus, the most important factor in the culture of food nowadays is specializing local ingredients into products, and narrating a genuine story behind it.