Strengths and Benefits of Ecojfood's Products
1. Production of customized baked goods of the clean and natural Jeju based on the global recipe
  • The team is made of experts with more than 10 years of management in auponpain and training and education overseas.
  • A history of supplying products to well-known large-scale entertaining facilities such as Caribbean Bay and franchisers such as Hollys.
  • Based on more than 10 years’ experience, the company analyses the client’s conditions and help develop specialized products, and provides consultation on tools, packaging, and display for effective sales.
  • Production of Jeju Island style baked goods based on the global recipe used by the popular bakery café in the US, Au Bon Pain utilizing Jeju’s clean and fresh ingredients.
ECOJFOOD popular bakery
2. Provision of effective and safe production and supply through IQF(Individual Quick Freezing) system
(Expiration Period: 12 months)
Par Bake (Finished product)
  • After baking the bread in the oven, the bread is frozen instantly through the IQF(Individual Quick Freezing) system.
  • It is the best method not to use conservatives and other chemical additives to store the bread for a long time.
  • The par-bake can be heated in a toaster or an oven (for approx. 2min) before being served to customers.
  • Recommended when there is no oven or fermentation appliance.
Frozen Dough (Unfinished product)
  • Frozen dough is dough frozen in the middle of the production process.
  • The dough can be taken out according to need for further processing to bake bread in a short time.
  • It is very useful in terms of production and delivery, and customers can be always provided with freshly baked goods.
  • Recommended if an oven or fermentation appliance is available.
ECOJFOOD Par Bake, Frozen Dough