About Company
Our mission is to make unique Jeju-style baked goods using local ingredients from Jeju Island. With the aim of developing Jeju-style baked goods that encapsulate Jeju Island, Ecojfood prioritizes hygiene above all things. We acquired a HACCP license for the first time in Jeju Island in the categories of confectionery and breads on 2 December, 2015. Not only that, all of our employees have more than 10 years' work experience in the field.
We, Ecojfood, are :
1. Developing, researching, producing, and supplying OEM, ODM, and OBM-specialized bakery goods including 40
     different types of
We are currently supplying 6 different products including Jeju Carrot Muffin to Kimpo Domestic Airport duty free stores, 4 different products including Halla Mountain Cake to Innisfree, 3 different Ganse cookies to Jeju Olleh Secretariat, and exclusive signature products to a popular cafe in Jeju Island.
2. Developing local foods that contain the local values and healthy life-style.
Based on the last three years' experience in the B2B business, we developed 2 different types of "Dorumung Black Pig Bread", B2C products, in 2018, launching an exclusive Durumung Black Pig Bread store in Ahndeokmyeon, Jeju-si.
3. Menu and brand consulting
In June, 2018 we started to export our special Jeju bakery goods to Vietnam. The export business was proceeded with brand consulting as well which involved identification of the Vietnamese buyer's needs, joint market research, development of a simple manual and products, production and sales of the finished products.

Ecojfood, LTD. will continue to encapsulate Jeju and create the values of Jeju through bakery, and do our best to develop specialized local baked goods that respond to customers' needs.